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Employee Absence Notification for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

StaffRelay’s Employee Absence Notification (EAN) has been deployed in Food and Beverage Manufacturing organizations to aid in the reduction of costs associated with employee absences.EAN removes complexity, confusion and delays surrounding absence reporting. It is a fully automated solution designed to simplify the process of recording and reporting employee absences. It is easy to use, and as accessible as the nearest telephone. EAN’s fully automatedone-number approach ensures employees who are working in casual shifts or positions always know who to call.

With our instant absence notifications and real-time reporting, our Food and Beverage Manufacturing clients have reduced liability exposure, increased employee engagement, and maintained their high quality production deliverables.

Why use EAN for Food and Beverage Manufacturing?

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs associated with disability premiums by providing an early and effective return-to-work strategy.

No live operators required! Compare $5 per absence call using live operators with $0.16 per absence call using EAN’s fully automated process!

Reduce Liability

Meet minimum staffing levels by using our notifications to fill positions from absences.

One-Number Approach

By deploying a one-number approach we are able to capture every absence affecting your business. This one-number approach is highly useful for removing any confusion for temporary and casually-staffed employees.

Complete Telephony and Live Call Center Automation

EAN provides an integrated approach to handling absence calls using our fully automated telephony system independent of our live call center service to significantly reduce costs associated with reporting and tracking absences.

Employee Absence Notification can help you make a gradual transition from a manual system to a fully automated one, without a complicated implementation plan. Our application can leverage data provided from your HR information system, allowing you to decide when to introduce additional functionality and to which departments.

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