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StaffRelay is a suite of products designed by engenic Communications Solutions Corporation. engenic Corporation (1994) is a Vancouver, Canada-based full-service technology company providing automated solutions for HealthCare, Manufacturing, Government agencies, Municipalities and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. The company was built around the core technology it continues to develop, TeleFlow®, a speech server environment with a comprehensive set of design and management tools.

Using TeleFlow®, the company creates custom hosted and on-premise enterprise telephony solutions, which are sold to leading businesses and organizations, either directly or through channel partners. Enterprises of all sizes depend on engenic for its communications solutions to improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service, and competitiveness.

engenic’s combination of telephony applications, software suites, and services helps companies simplify complex communications and integrate with other vendors’ technologies, enabling customers to unlock value and potential from within their network. By embedding telephony communications into the business processes of an enterprise, engenic helps improve the way organizations work — making people more productive, processes more intelligent, and customers more satisfied.

About engenic

Our Core Values

Our reputation at engenic depends upon all of the decisions we make and all the actions we take personally each day. Our values define how we will evaluate our decisions and actions…and how we will conduct our business.

Together our team maintains a work environment built on the foundation of Integrity, Innovation and Commitment.

Our high standards have rewarded us with an outstanding reputation with our customers, a reputation of integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. That strong ethical reputation is a vital asset, and each of our team members shares a personal responsbility to protect, to preserve and to enhance it.

Our reputation is a strong but slient partner in all our partner relationships. By understanding and applying these values daily, we provide a healthy and happy work environment, not only for our staff, but also for our clients.

Additional Services

engenic provides various suites of products designed to automate your business processes.

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