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solution, which automates the process of reporting employee absences.

StaffRelay is a web and telephone interfaced Human Resources (HR)



We remove complexity, confusion and delays surrounding absence reporting.

StaffRelay is easy to use, and is accessible from your telephone.

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StaffRelay’s Employee Absence Notification (EAN) has been deployed in several industries to aid in the reduction of costs associated with employee absences.

Our Employee Absence Notification system removes complexity, confusion and delays surrounding absence reporting. It is a fully automated solution designed to automate the process of recording and reporting employee absences. It is easy to use, and as accessible as the nearest telephone. EAN’s one-number approach ensures employees who are working at temporary or casual positions always know who to call.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Accessed easily (got a phone on hand?)
  • Quick one-number approach
  • Instant notification of absences
  • On-demand reporting
  • Cost-saving
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“The Employee Absence Notification system has standardized the way in which Fraser Health Authority employees identify an absence from work.”

Linda Emes, Fraser Health

“First week of deployment, in one unit, no one called in sick, which has never happened before.”

Catherine Kidd, Vancouver Coastal Health

“Fraser Health uses the EAN to provide “one-call” Absence Reporting. It works seamlessly across 30,000 employees and provides us with a one-stop solution for absence reporting. The data we get from the system is invaluable as well to our efforts to improve the health of our employees.”

Dave Keen, Fraser Health Authority